Elegant and Sustainable Flooring Solution near Bayswater

In the locale of Bayswater, where the weather is as diverse as the suburb itself, having a solid foundation beneath your feet is essential. At Clique Floors, we’ve mastered the art of the flooring solution near Bayswater by harmonising sustainability and elegance in every inch of your property.

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Premium Flooring Solutions for Every Space

Our commitment to excellence extends across various flooring options, including laminate flooring, timber flooring, vinyl flooring, hybrid flooring and even wall panels. Whether it’s your home or office, we recognise that each space is unique, and so are your flooring needs. We assure you of the utmost product quality and flooring installation for your Bayswater property, bringing an authentic touch to each step

Why Choose Clique Floors for Flooring Solution
Needs Near Bayswater?

Experience and Expertise:

With over 45 years of combined experience in the timber flooring industry, our team will guide you from colour selection to installation, ensuring a seamless transition.

Quality Assurance:

We back our products and installations with 25-year residential manufacturer and 2-year workmanship warranties. Our commitment to quality extends to using sustainable materials, reducing our carbon footprint, and delivering top-notch craftsmanship.

Expert Installation:

Our expert installers, selected with care, ensure your flooring is laid flawlessly. We take you through the process from consultation to the final reveal, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Personalised Service:

Your journey with us is unique, just like our flooring. We tailor our service to match your preferences and budget, offering maintenance advice and support every step of the way.


Our team will guide you through the selection process, considering your preferences and the characteristics of each flooring type. We’ll ensure your choice aligns with your space’s requirements.

We offer a repair service that minimises disruption to your home. Our team of experts will gladly assess the damage and offer solutions to restore your floor.

We provide maintenance sheets tailored to your flooring type, helping you keep it in prime condition without breaking your budget.