Transform Your Living Space with Doncaster’s Leading Floor Specialists

Breathing new life into your home can be as simple as upgrading your floors, and Clique Floors is here to help make that transformation for Doncaster spaces. Located in Melbourne, we are more than a flooring store near Doncaster. We are actually the creators dedicated to elevating every room in your house. With 45 years of industry expertise, we offer top-tier flooring solutions and exceptional installation services that excel in Doncaster.

Our dedication to top-quality flooring shines through our selection of premium products. Each plank embodies durability and timeless beauty, curated from only the finest materials.

Dedication to Excellence: Crafting Superior Floors

At Clique Floors, we don’t just sell floors; we are pivotal in crafting environments that tell a story. Our Doncaster team is here to help navigate flooring options, ensuring your choice exceeds expectations.
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Authentic Timber Floors to Transform Your Doncaster’s Home

Experience timeless elegance in your Doncaster home with our expertly installed timber flooring range. Whether you crave classic charm or modern simplicity, our team ensures every space….

Discover the Benefits of Laminate Flooring

Beautiful Bamboo Flooring Options in Doncaster

Experience the future of flooring with our resilient bamboo options. Eco-friendly, durable, and elegant, our bamboo flooring presents a harmonious balance of sustainability and style….

Vinyl Flooring

Stylish Wall Panelling for Every Doncaster Home

Looking to refresh both inside and out? Our versatile wall panels provide the perfect solution for adding a contemporary spin or a traditional vibe to your Doncaster residence. Whether enhancing business exteriors….

Explore Our Premium Laminate, Hybrid and Vinyl Flooring Options in Doncaster

With our premium range of laminate floors across Doncaster, offering enduring beauty and simplicity in upkeep, you’ll also enjoy the added benefit of our expert installation, ensuring a seamless addition to your home.

At the same time, our hybrid flooring blends wood’s warmth with laminate’s toughness, providing both style and functionality for your Doncaster spaces. Installed by experts, your flooring will endure both time and trends.
Elevate your living space with a touch of elegance using our premium selection of vinyl flooring available near Doncaster. Carefully chosen from top suppliers, our vinyl options seamlessly blend fashionable design with eco-conscious living, setting the stage for unforgettable impressions.

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Why Choose Clique Floors?

  • A wealth of experience with over 45 years in the industry
  • A wide range of quality flooring options
  • Professional and precise installation services
  • Personalised solutions and bespoke designs to meet individual tastes
  • Exceptional customer service with a focus on exceeding expectations
  • Rely on our innovative team to elevate your home with premium flooring solutions in Doncaster. Visit our showroom or call today to start creating your dream space.