Clique Floors: Top Choice for Quality Flooring Store Across Hawthorn

Nestled within the bustling inner Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn known for its prestigious schools and historic churches, Clique Floors is the epitome of class and quality in flooring services.

We cater to homeowners, interior designers, and renovation experts, delivering a crucial element that sets the tone for your residential and commercial flooring. We deliver not just flooring but also the groundwork for your vision with precision and elegance.

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Transform Interiors with Laminate Flooring Near Hawthorn

Laminate flooring has dramatically changed interior design with its flexibility and good looks. We have many styles, from traditional wood to contemporary stone finishes, so you can make your space your own…. 

Discover the Benefits of Laminate Flooring

Revolutionary Hybrid Flooring in Hawthorn

Experience the avant-garde flooring technology with our hybrid flooring solutions available near Hawthorn.Combat the unpredictability of moisture without compromising on elegance….

Vinyl Flooring

Durable and Stylish Vinyl Flooring Services Across Hawthorn

Being a leader in providing vinyl flooring solutions, known for its resilience and ability to withstand high traffic and weather adversities, our diverse range includes options from the timeless wood….

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Timeless Elegance with Timber Flooring Across Hawthorn

Achieve a look of timeless sophistication with our premium timber flooring selection. Known for its organic feel and enduring nature,timber floor installation across Hawthorn is perfect for those seeking to craft ….

10 Reasons Your Homes Timber Flooring is Worth Installing

Modernise Your Space with Hawthorn's Trendy Wall Panels

Clique Floors transforms ordinary walls into showcases of elegance with our versatile wall panels, perfect for indoor and outdoor applications for your home in Hawthorn. Located in Melbourne, our expertise in bespoke panel…

Benefits of Using Timber Wall Panels in Your Home

Hawthorn's Sustainable Choice: Go Green with Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring offers a luxurious yet cost-effective alternative to traditional hardwood. We emphasise quality and precision in our bamboo floor installations, ensuring each space we touch resonates with aesthetic appeal and environmental consciousness….