Maintaining your vinyl floors is relatively easy. You can clean them with a soft mop and a mild detergent. You can also clean them with a damp rag. To avoid damaging your floor, avoid using a scourer. You can also clean and shine your vinyl floors with a simple floor-cleaner such as spray and wipe, diluted methylated spirits and warm water or tea tree cleaner. Do your best to avoid using an overly wet mop with your vinyl flooring. A hot dry mop would be best if using a mop. When you mop your vinyl floor, make sure the mop is wrung out thoroughly so that the water doesn’t leave a any residue behind. If you do use a wet mop, be sure to squeegee the excess water from the flooring and allow the flooring to dry completely before replacing any rugs or mats, this is best done with 5 litres of hot water and a few cap fulls of methylated spirits. When it comes to polishing vinyl floors, your best bet is to use a dry cloth or a dry mop, such as the ones we mentioned above.

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