Quickstep Laminate Maintenance

Dry maintenance QUICK-STEP MICROFIBRE CLEANING PAD We recommend the Quick-Step microfibre cleaning pad for regular dry maintenance. The dry pad can be used to control abrasive grit and debris which can speed up the wear of your floor. Alternatively, a soft broom or vacuum with soft bristles is also effective.

Damp maintenance QUICK-STEP CLEAN We recommend damp cleaning the entire floor once or twice a month. Use water sparingly, too much water is unnecessary and may make the task more difficult. We recommend a flat style ‘flipper’ mop with a microfibre pad. Use 1 capful mixed into 1/2 a bucket of water, soak the pad and wring out thoroughly by hand. Move across the floor remembering to rinse the pad head frequently, especially on large or very dirty floors. Excessive moisture on the surface of your Quick-Step floor should be removed with a clean dry cloth.

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QUICK-STEP CLEANING KIT • Add 1 teaspoon of Quick-Step Clean to the Quick-Step Mop water tank. • Use the trigger to spray the floor ahead of the mop and distribute moisture evenly. • Work along the length of the planks. • Rinse the pad frequently, especially on large or very dirty floors. • As a general rule, try to avoid foot traffic until the floor is completely dry. • Always make sure to wipe dry any excess water or moisture after cleaning.

QUICK-STEP FLOORS WITH HYDROSEAL Quick-Step floors with HydroSeal technology have a waterproof surface and are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, etc. Cleaning these floors with a wet mop or steam mop is permitted but not recommended. If a wet mop is used always ensure a dry cloth is used to remove surface moisture after cleaning. A steam mop should only be used on low, and must have a soft cloth fitted over the steam jets. Steam mops are not permitted on Quick-Step Classic and Quick-Step Eligna ranges. If you are unsure if wet or steam mops are permitted for your particular floor contact your flooring retailer. Remove any water within 24 hours. *For the Classic/Eligna ranges: remove water within 12 hours.

LONG TERM WOOD MAINTENANCE Your Quick-Step Wood floor can be resurfaced in the same way as traditional wood flooring. When your floor begins to show signs of wear, normally in high traffic areas, it should be recoated with a recommended product in accordance with the instructions. The recoat process will restore the wear layer keeping your wood floor looking beautiful for years to come. Re-sanding your floor back to raw wood can also be done by an experienced contractor, to remove dents, scratches and colour change. Re-Sanding and recoating will result in a completely restored wood floor. Do not use impregnated disposable cloths. These often contain oily residues that can retain dirt and marks, especially in critical light.