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  • Australiana Bamboo Flooring

    Australiana Arc Bamboo Flooring will give your floorboards a glowing, tanned honeycomb sheen that is resistant, durable and easy to clean, sand and refinish over time, meaning you can continue to enjoy your new floor’s gleaming, shimmering glow for years to come.

    Strong, protective and resistant to insects and indentation, Australiana Arc Bamboo Flooring looks just like a timber floor and is quick, versatile and easy to install using globally acclaimed joining system Uniclic. Impressively, Australiana Arc Bamboo Flooring is sourced from dedicated plantations where the natural material used to create your pristine new Arc Bamboo floorboards is regrown in 5 to 6 year cycles.

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  • Brushed Antique Bamboo Flooring

    A bold and brassy golden chocolate sheen, Arc Bamboo Flooring shade Brushed Antique gives the appearance of traditional wooden floorboards in a shining, glowing finish you will continue to enjoy over many years to come.

    Resistant, durable and easy to clean and refinish as well as sand and maintain, your new Arc Bamboo floorboards will stay gleaming over time. Using globally acclaimed joining system Uniclic, Arc Bamboo Flooring in Brushed Antique is versatile, quick and easy to install, and looks just like real timber, as the natural material used to create your pristine new Arc Bamboo floorboards is sourced from dedicated plantations which are regrown in 5 to 6 year cycles.

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  • Champagne Bamboo Flooring

    Arc Bamboo Flooring in the colour Champagne is a light, golden honeycomb shade that will envelop your new floorboards in a shimmering, glowing finish that gleams and shines, as well as being strong and resistant to damage, indentations and insects, and protective of your home’s interior floor surface.

    Your new Arc Bamboo floorboards are produced from natural material grown in dedicated plantations and look just as luscious and luxe as a natural timber floor. Arc Bamboo flooring is perfect for renovations, using world standard joining system Uniclic which is easy and quick to install on almost any surface.

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  • Coffee Bamboo Flooring

    Get your caffeine hit with Arc Bamboo Flooring in shade Coffee – a deep, warm, luscious brown that has the luxurious appearance of real timber. With a gleaming, shining finish, your floors will look pristine in their new warming, inviting Coffee colour. Easy to keep clean; maintain your new floorboards’ beaming glow over time by sanding and refinishing at will, so you can continue to enjoy your Arc Bamboo flooring for many years to come.

    Sourced from dedicated natural material plantations, Arc Bamboo floorboards are regrown in 5 to 6 year cycles and are durable, protective, and strong, as well as resistant to indentation and insects. They are also just as easy to install – using Uniclic, a globally acclaimed floorboard joining system.

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  • Natural Bamboo Flooring

    Arc Bamboo in Natural is a muted honey mustard shade which – just like its name – has the luxe appearance and feel of natural timber flooring. Showcasing fuss-free and simple, understated neutrality, Arc Bamboo flooring in Natural is the perfect shade for your home with its comforting, casual-luxe appeal that will match a simple, no-fuss interior to a tee.

    Just like real timber, Arc Bamboo is smooth, shiny and durable, as well as being impact resistant and easy to maintain. It’s just as easy to clean, and you can continue to sand and refinish Arc Bamboo flooring over time, to ensure it keeps its natural glow. Install your new Arc Bamboo floor quickly and easily, using universally praised floorboard joining system, Uniclic.

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